I help people see beauty in the every day.

Your life is beautiful. The things that you select to surround yourself with should reflect that beauty. Is it the work that you do? Your family? What is your legacy?

I like to take the everyday things — our work, a still life painting, a portrait — whatever it is, and paint it to show that beauty, that emotion. I want to paint portraits that capture the essence of a person or a moment. I want to paint a still life that speaks to everyday beauty. I want to paint MORE than just an oil painting.

There’s the emotional expression of memories that is tied up in a painting of toys from our childhood. There’s the still life painting of a hard hat or a beautiful teapot that impacts our daily lives in a way that we can’t measure.

Immeasurable value.

I’m visually oriented, and truthfully, most of us are. When you see a beautiful sunset, you can’t put a price on it, but it impacts your life. It stops you in your tracks. That’s what I want to do! Capture those moments, those emotions, and speak…from my mind, my Ravenheart, through the brush and canvas…to you.